Radio Reversal - #MeToo

Anna, Shelley, and Michelle tackle violence, power and resistance through a deep and juicy analysis of the #MeToo campaign. They dissect the #MeToo movement, mapping its impacts and effects, digging around in the open question at the core of #MeToo: who can be part of the collective that #MeToo imagines? Who is on the outside? Whose pain is deserving of rage and righteousness? Whose is mere collateral?

Featuring interviews with activist, writer, artist and organiser Marissa Dooris about imagining the conditions of possibility for a prison abolitionist #metoo campaign, and with feminist art collective Snapcat about socially engaged art and its relationship to political movements and gender in the public realm.

Please note: this is an edited version of content that was first broadcast on 4ZZZ, 102.1 FM. Music, advertisements, and news content have been edited out.