Link Roundup: June 4

Welcome to Flood Media’s link roundup! Each week, we bring you fresh Flood-approved content from around the web, covering current events, debates, and hot takes.

The latest All the Best features Leo Panitch discussing left strategies for changing society through parliamentary politics. This episode has been getting a lot of hype, and two people have now told me that they bought Panitch's book directly after listening. 

Seeing as you've already destroyed your New Year's Resolution not to spend so much money on books, you may as well just buy Asad Haider's new book Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump. The Guardian notes Haider's convincing argument "for a revolutionary practice rooted in people’s identities as racialised, sexed, gendered and classed individuals who face interlocking systems of oppression. These systems have to be fought together, by organising people of different identities in what Haider calls “a project of universal emancipation” devoted to dismantling all of the structures that make them unfree, including and especially capitalism itself." 

Congratulations to our comrades in Ireland on a successful result in the referendum to #repealthe8th. In Overland, Lizzie O'Shea reflects on the victory and what it means for the ongoing struggle to decriminalise abortion across Australia. "Mass forms of decision making ... transform how the left does politics," O'Shea writes. The Irish referendum "compelled activists to commit to the bread and butter work of politics, to convince people of an alternative. Convince – not shame, not inspire – but have conversations that involve listening, talking and finding common ground." If that leaves you in the mood for more excellent left-wing writing about referendums, read Anni McAllen's piece in Flood Media about the recent same-sex marriage plebiscite. 

So how about Italy, hey? As with anything regarding Europe, we turn to Yanis to guide us through the madness. His take in the Guardian is fairly basic but worth reading to get your head around the situation and its possible implications. I will admit to not reading the whole thing because I was unreasonably distracted by his seductive-courtier author photo. 

Top-quality Brisbane podcast Living the Dream has a new episode out, featuring the first of a two-part interview with feminist scholar and activist Tanya Serisier. Tanya and Dave discuss how #metoo can be understood in the history of feminist struggle against, and thought about, gendered sexual violence. Highly worthy of a listen. 

Reconciliation Week has just passed and IndigenousX has, as always, some good stuff. We enjoyed Karen Wyld's piece diving deeper into this year's theme, 'Don't Keep History a Mystery'. For more stories of indigenous resistance, historical and current, check out the First Nations Workers' Alliance.

And now for something completely different: We love our cops. #protectandserve

Until next week! 

Photo by Cody Davis on Unsplash