Link Roundup: June 3

Good afternoon, Floodly ones. Today’s image is in line with the theme “things that won’t exist if Labor has their way”. Anyway! More on that below! Let’s dive into this week’s links …

Queensland Labor approved one of Adani’s environmental plans last week, so that’s nice. (Shoutout to the many, many, many Labor broekns who have assured me over the years that Adani “will never happen”.) Usually I try not to link to explicitly partisan Greens content on here, but as far as I can tell the best and most succinct take has been from Michael Berkman, Greens MP for Maiwar, so here is his Twitter thread on the announcement (and here are a couple more). It is fucked, the planet is cooking, we are going to open a gigantic new coal mine in 2019, royalties for coal mining companies are being frozen, and everyone who said we should be voting Labor for strong action on climate change should take a long look at themselves in the mirror. That’s all!

Continuing along the ‘climate apocalypse’ theme, but with a slightly hopeful pivot, here is a piece in Jacobin on a Green New Deal for the UK, by none other than John McDonnell! (As a friend of mine put it, “John McDonnell out here writing articles for Jacobin, meanwhile we’ve got … Terri Butler.”) The piece is good, and not too long, so I won’t quote at length, but I v. much agree with JMCD’s take that “what differentiates us from the corporate wing of the environmental movement is the political analysis that sees the need for collective solutions to society’s problems.” I’m broadly interested in Green New Deal stuff and some friends and I are actually planning to start a reading group on the topic (yeah, we know how to party), so if you have any good links of your own, please feel free to send em my way. Also, follow Climate Justice Collective and sign up for their Green New Deal Australia mailing list, if such things are relevant to your interests.

Here at Flood Media we’re always on the lookout for Tesla hate-content, so please accept Dan Hogan’s ‘Shitposting the Pain Away (Or All the Cars I Have Owned)’. This piece is incredibly weird! It’s about Elon Musk, but also Mr Bean and UFO groups! But you know what, I like a bit of genre-bending once in a while, and lord knows we post enough serious longreads here. Also, this contains a particular little nugget of fucked-up information about Elon Musk’s dad, which I did not know but which frankly doesn’t surprise me.

In a link roundup last … year (???!) (God knows, they all blur into one) (how tf is it June already) I recommended you read the blog ‘Hard Crackers: Chronicles of Everyday Life’. That recommendation still very much stands, and I would like to especially draw to your attention their latest piece by Gus Breslauer, ‘Shame, Capitalism, and Gay Psychology’. This is a somewhat meatier-than-average post, unpretentiously written and full of thought-provoking passages. Such as:

We built the gayborhood in a genuine and valid desire to live freely but in an inauthentic way for, as for long as it is a refuge from a world that hates us, it will be in its image. It will push us against other queers and against ourselves. How fulfilled and authentic can we be towards ourselves in a world with heterosexuality? With capital? Can shame possibly not exist alongside these things? To relegate this to the private realm, as Downs does, is to overcome the straight man’s world in an inauthentic way.

I’m so bloody impressed with the National Union of Workers at the moment, and strongly suggest you look them up if you’re not already familiar with their work. (Here are a few links to get you started.) Adding to my general impressed-ness last week was a piece in Overland by NUW Assistant General Branch Secretary Godfrey Moase, on cooperatives as a solution to wage stagnation. As Moase writes, “There is no reason why Australia cannot build up a worker cooperative sector employing tens of thousands of people in well-paid secure jobs over the next decade. These are just the sort of jobs that anchor communities and provide hope for those who would otherwise depend on sectors such as the fossil fuel extraction industry. “ PS: This piece was approved by resident Flood Media Value Expert Dave Eden, so you know it’s legit.

Finally, in case you missed it, we did a Floodcast last week on (what else) the federal election result. Many of us had colds and were in a state of general post-election collapse, but we pulled it together for you, dear listeners, so we hope you appreciate it. In general a large amount of anger was expressed at (in no particular order) the ALP, enviro NGOs, the federal Greens, Bob Brown, the Stop Adani convoy, and southern chauvinists. Now that the election is over and many of us are cruising gently into the calm waters of unemployment, we hope to make Floodcast a more regular occurrence. (Right now we aim for a roughly monthly schedule, but I reckon we could make it fortnightly if we really pushed ourselves.) Several listeners have already sent us requests for future episode themes, which we welcome. If you’ve got requests of your own, get in touch via Twitter or floodmediabrisbane at gmail dot com.

Until next week!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash