Link Roundup: July 22

Welcome to Flood Media’s link roundup! Each week, we bring you fresh Flood-approved content from around the web, covering current events, debates, and hot takes. It's worth noting that Flood editors and contributors hold diverse opinions on a range of topics. Many of the articles we link to will represent points of debate or disagreement within our editorial team and the Left in general. We don't shy away from this diversity of views - in fact we think it makes our project more interesting, and we invite our readers to reflect and engage alongside us. 

Starting the week off strong with 2018's biggest mood yet: I'm a communist, you idiot. First, watch that video again because you can never see it enough times. Second, read the interview Ash Sarkar gave to Teen Vogue, in which she talks about the question of automation, the prison-industrial complex, universal healthcare, and more. (Relatedly, if anyone would like to pitch us an article explaining Teen Vogue's transition to anticapitalist youth magazine, please do, because I am encouraged yet mystified.) 

As someone who enjoys reading about films far more than watching them (I know, my intellect is staggering), I was thrilled to come across 'Corruptions and Duplicates of Form', an n+1 article which, without preamble, launches into sixteen sharp, clever, well-written political-cultural analyses of recent films. Have you ever thought about how John Kransinski "now exists at the midpoint between Ben Affleck and Mel Gibson", or how Ready Player One "contains every pop 1980s reference imaginable ... and stuffs them by the handful into a recycling bag like cans worth five cents each"? Go and read this piece. Also, I am now even more excited to see Sorry To Bother You. 

For the second week in a row, we're featuring an article about Silvia Federici, which can only be a good sign. ("Flood Media became a Silvia Federici fan site so gradually I didn't even notice it ...") In this week's Federici Fandom, Miriam Bak McKenna discusses Federici's contribution in bringing feminist material analyses to international law. If you, like me, fell asleep as soon as you read the words 'international law', don't worry - this is actually much more about Marxist feminism, and is therefore very much worth your time. 

If you're looking to Learn More About Socialism, starting from the fundamentals, may we present this very comprehensive Facebook page. Also, The ABCs of Socialism makes an excellent gift, either for yourself or your left-leaning normie friend who really just needs to become a fucking socialist already. (You can also find a free PDF here.)

Charlotte Shane is one of my favourite writers on feminist issues and I will click immediately on anything with her name on it. Her new essay, for Harper's, does not disappoint: she digs into questions of consent and rape culture in the West, and argues for why these concepts are ultimately inadequate to the real problem of rape and sexual assault. 

The passage of the SESTA/FOSTA Bill - a law essentially outlawing online sex work ads - in the US has been disastrous for the safety of sex workers. In the latest bonus episode of Chapo Trap House,  Will and Virgil discuss SESTA/FOSTA with writer, podcaster and sex workers' rights advocate Conner Habib and Tai, a self-described "whore of all trades". They also discuss the intersection of sex and work more broadly, and what this means for labour rights, organising, and the Left. 

And now for something completely different: We at Flood Media have a longstanding ambition to produce more sports-related content, which continues to go unrealised because we have exactly one editor who is interested in sports. So once again, Novara Media has beaten us to it, with an essay on the radical potential of playing football. "Left wing education largely shies away from the body," writes Graham Jones, "whether in quietly listening to academic lectures, statistic-packed debates on social media, or painfully dry reading groups ... This dullness and insularity leaves us ill-prepared for struggle in the field of popular culture." WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, STOP READING THIS AND GO PLAY SOME SPORT.

Until next week!

Photo by Pierre BEST on Unsplash